Saturday, August 28, 2004

~1st PooL wiF BG~

2dae suppose to work at 2 todae.. but end up 3 den den work.. but nvm la.. informed audie le.. juz abit paiseh.. coz end up late ... coz went to play pool wif BG... but SS nber go.. she gt someting on le... kinda funi when go out wif em.. coz mayb juz started to join their grp ba... notin special here to report.. sian.... stoneing... tire...

Friday, August 27, 2004


2dae went to malaysia to collect my bro's graduation photo album... hmm.. not too bad la... juz tt certain pose n smile not tt great ...but i tink is kinda funi when dey are tryin to take e photo.. dey would sae sth like: dui le dui le..jiu shi ze me siao... kai xin dian.. keke.. so funi sia... when i was out of e photo i tried to make em smile to thier 100% ... ahaa... so fun.. i like my dad's smile.. tink he's quite handsome when he's young... keke.. tink i like e one me my sis n my mum .. coz i look great.. hahaa... tink i gonna make a 2R size family foto n put in my wallet leh.. kekee..

wonderin when will it be my turn to wear e square hat... will i be able 2 make it? or m i gonna gif up half in my course? still pondering abt my carreer....

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

~ArtFrEnz wiF bUdgEt Grp~

todae no sch at all.. but went to artfren wif BG... n some other klassmates... if not me n ss intend to chiong other hw one.. but nvm la... so earli meet at city hall... 12 neh... wana zZzz longer oso canot.. hai... but nvm la... since is a fun-loving grp so is alrite.. but lunch was kinda bad... hai... dun mention it la... so sian man... ke lian le me n SS's stomach... hai...

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

bUdGet PoSt....

haiyo... thosE lame guys trying to get a name 4 me n SS again... wad Hougang VIp n Hougang Guardian... haiyo.. buai tahan em leh... super lame n fun ... kekee... had nice chats wif em... hai.. 2dae is a short one... zZzZzZz....

Saturday, August 21, 2004

JoNatHan + IaN = BiRthDay BoIs~!

hmmm.. finally all my pers. drawing are passed... n handed in to wendy... went to JP meet wenda n e bDae bOi... jOn... din expect 10 person to come.. frm 4-5 ppl celebrating, it bcome a 10 pax celebration.. keke... so i tink it was great n nice... though i din had much appetite.. went to pizza hut... wah.. 2day Rui Qiang wore Sleeveless sia... so macho... quite a change frm e past him tt i used to work wif... kekee... but great... keep it up.. actualli i kinda miss em quite a lot... even though i had such a fun-loving class... ultimately when i feel stress or wad dey r in beta position to console me... haiz... 2dae i oso saw my Er Zi n kai wei... jialat... dey say i grow fatter le.. sob sobz... say my eyes not as big as b4 leh.. hai.. muz jian fei liao.. keke.. kinda realised it quite long ago le.. but no action taken.. hai.. i wiSh hIm hapi bdae tis earli morn... abt 00:24am... though he replied me tis morn.. but i ..... ~speechless~ ~yAwNz~

Friday, August 20, 2004

WoOSh... FInallY... (Part 4)

..... now is almost 3 am le... i finally draw fnh all my 5 pers. drawing... 1 nber shade oni... hai.. super tire n dying soon.. it had been a tedious week ... morn to nite all e way working with few hours of slp... can feel tt my eyes r like goldfish's... juz now CJ still ask me n SS to play soccer... dun even noe gt e energy ma.. todae we had our UM presentation.. our topic was on Leslie Cheung.. and i tink we did a gd job on our presentation..!! ~appLauSe~ kekee.. juz now a little but of rehearsal would be beta.. keke... reali hapi abt it as teacher oso like it... me n SS oso put in a lot effort in doin it.. so super hapi... though something unhappy happened during color theory earlier on..
ask Ss to send sms to michael askin if can join their grp for UM.. den michael dey all tot we wana join BUDGET GRP.. haiyo... den call SS n tell her : congratulations! ur application to join e budget grp was successful.... haha.. lame lor... a lot of stuff la.. too bad i not wif ss to hear.. but tink dey are reali funi n nice lame guys... still sae wad gonna print application form 4 us la.. etc... from budget grp goin towards budget club... loads of funi things lor.. but i tink is like me n SS starting calling em budget grp.. keke.. but nvm la.. we not ji jiao who started it.. kekee...
and i tink that's it 4 todae... *yAwNz*


Thursday, August 19, 2004

WoOSh... FInallY... (Part 3)

*yAwNz* today was taxing day... woke up at 615... to go sch.. n den when i rch e bus stop, realise tt i 4get to bring tt stupid sketching technique which i tink is not correct one.. but bring la.. shows tt i gt do hw ma.. walk bak to take... started to perspire when i came down.. sian1/2... den... den.. had e lecture lor... color notin to say so release us earli.. so gd.. but DF was super tire n sian lor.. gotta do those line drawing and shading in 1 hr.. hai.. cant complete on time.. but still haf to hand in.. veri bad.. e worst thing was aft DF still haf to draw perspective ... short of 2 more... but oni manage to draw 1 more den buai dong liao... so went library rest n enjoi air con... so some shading den went hm le... stress ar.. rch hm gotta complete my UM essay.. my 4 Persp. drawing... n sketches for color theory... hai.. still gt to prepare for UM presentation tml... but right now, i haf oni done 1 1/2 thing ... my essay n 3 P.D... so haiya.. veri tire liao.. so cant tahan animore... haha... my bro juz told me tt he will send me to sch tml.. so hapi.. can slp more.. haha.. suddenly so gd to me... funi leh... but i like it.. haha.. nite~!~!


WoOSh... FInallY... (Part 2)

wah... todae finally completed 98% of e UM assignment... so hapi ... coz later on gt time to draw another perspective.. but den... hai... ss n i chose e wrong spot la... den sun wana burn us... hai.. bo pian gotta change place... change to somewhere EEeee gt a lot of ants... buai tahan lor... gosspbumps standing all e way... was kinda exhausted liao... gt no mood 4 e rest of e day... so is kinda tough 4 SS... coz she gotta to tolerate my anti anti pattern... she oso sian 1/2 liao...
rch hm... bath n eat... den chiong my UM essay... no idea wad to write... den my fren sms me.. ask him come my hse n relac... juz left not long ago nia... great guy la... hmmm.... n i did my shading 4 my 1st sketch oni... abit guilty leh... muz buck up liao... but reali you xin wu li... hai.... good nite.....

~LeeNz~ ~_~

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

WoOSh... FInallY...

wah... super tire ar... do e Understanding Media ICA1... tt stupid vcd canot be burn.. so mafan .. tt i gotta set up my digi cam on a tripod in front my TV to tape it down.. sian 1/2.... use so much time.. + gt my mum's voice as background sound.. muz REDO... hai... n i spent nearly an hour trying to burn e video clips into e cd... hai.. know myself a bit PC idiot la.. but todae qutie satisfying... coz our assignment is abt 50% done?? excluding other stuff la.. den me n SS did another perspective drawing within 2 hours~~ haha... *applause* improvement frm e previous one.. which is 3 hr to 1 sketch... kekee... tink SS gt a tedious day coz aft a long day still gotta go GUItar lesson.. poor thing.. keke... hmm... other den these, still got 1 quite shuang de thing happen... H.H came to e comp lab.. hahaa... oni SS n me noe wad happen.. keke... *yAwNz*
gtg zZz le...


Monday, August 16, 2004

The HoobAstaNK sHow..

yest, i went to watch 'magic' show wif jon, ruiqiang n his 2 other fren.. wenda suppose to go la.. but dunoe y din turn up.. shld be sick... due to their COMMON test.. hahaa.. i dun haf... e show was not bad but den it was funded by a church la.. so we left rather earli as not to hear their preeching.. kekee.. kinda bad but is worst if we fall aslp.. rite..
hmm.. den aft tt, i went to meet my bro.. to watCH HOOBASTANK.. hahaa.. i am not reali a fan of theirs or wad.. but my bro offered me to go sentosa n c... den y not.. we bought e $79 tic.. which is in front.. n it was real great... not much ppl so is kinda near to em la.. hmm... n unexpectedly i saw "him"... hmmm.. i was in great suprise... he walked towards me n greeted me.. we haben been in touch for quite some time... n i am reali grateful n glad tt i saw him... his bdae is coming soon... n i dunoe wd to do... jialat.. kekee... k la.. tt's all... thanz to fate tt i met him there.. keke...


Sunday, August 15, 2004

a SUper tiring Day 4 me... ~_~"

todae went out to draw perspective drawing in sch... hai... so poor thing man... under e hot sun 4 3 hrs n oni get to sketch 1 perspective... gonna die man.. gotta draw another 4 ... hai... after "suntanning" in e hot sun, we haf our lunch at FJ... keke.. den jing hui came to look 4 us.. haha... jing hui sly ar.. aft tt , me SHushan went to e so called " secret garden" to take photos of living things... hai.. another torture 4 us man.... waiting 4 dragonfly to come... those moths oso veri noti.. dun wan to let us take photo of em... hai... but is okie... we still tink e 2 of us veri hardworking.. keke.. coz is a fridae!! n we stayed in sch til 4+.. hai... but later on SS went to chiong KBOX at AMk.. hai.. poor me.. went to woodlands lib to gather info on zhang guo rong... eee... keke.. no la.. spent so much time there.. but lucky found e info tt i wanted... so aft all.. is still worth it..~! yeah..


Monday, August 09, 2004

wAd E heCk...

i dunoe wad tt jasmond trying to tell me.. but i m utterly upset n hurt in my pride... e words tt he used is not gonna be 4gotten... wadever he's trying to convey to me, i shall not gif a damn animore .. arrgghhh...~!~! qi si ren le...!!!

Friday, August 06, 2004

5th August 2004 Outing wif e buget grp~!

2dae is great day for me.. though juz handed in my color theory assignment... being staying up late in e nite... but i started my assignment rather earli compare to my klasmates.. so i more xing fu.. aft CT, went to Food Junction ( me n SS fav place) wif e Buget grp to eat.. keke.. dey r reali trainin our stomach muscles... luff thru out e lunch time n was reali great to haf em as klasmates.. dey all so fun-loving n lAMe.. haha.. aft lunch, me n shushan suppose to go artfren to but materials.. n agreed to help em buy too.. but end up we SYCo em to go artfren wif us.. lucky gt Cheng Jia.. if not dey wont go at all.. thanz to him.. n he's reali a nice guy... along e way to artfren, me n SS kept di siao henry.. n he reali can make us luff till our stomach cramp... was reali a great day 4 me~!