Friday, April 28, 2006


Hmm... been tinking alot recently till i became crazy n quiet at times.. n was kinda buzi last week.. giving tuition and goin for fusion rehearsal.. lotsa stuff..

my mind is kinda stucked... mental block... mentally sick.. wadever.. juz so ... wadever wadever... wanna blog lotsa stuff.. but now my mind is blank again.. cant tink of aniting.. except fusion.. e graduates stuff are nt bad.. esp IM.. wee.. nice.. i like.. whaha... still regret not goin into IM.. but nvm.. wad's done is done.. i m still surviving... =X

lotsa hw recently.. n i gt a assgn due nxt tue.. so fast.. damned it.. hai..
in search of my inspirations.... whaha...siao liao..

Saturday, April 15, 2006

another rainnnnnnny day

is another rainy dae.. it started raining like 3+ to 4.. lots of lightning and thunder .. so scary.. n i m alone at hm.. sms dear.. all e lightning like gonna strike u.. n e thunder is so loud.. so scary... done another color panel... veri slow.. lotsa ting to do.. oh.. meeting up wif peiyun tis coming wed.. yeah.. miss her so much.. is like ever since my birthdae we met till now.. so long..

todae a bit siao.. duno y.. vacuumn e floor.. mop e floor.. n i even wash e toilet..duno wad got into me.. mayb i juz dunwan to do color test.. n i gt lotsa cutting to do.. hai.. miss dear so much... yest he said he bought a shirt.. wonder wad did he buy todae.. he's taking nite train at 10pm coming bak.. doubt is nice to slp on train at nite.. tink he will be damn tire tml.. i m goin to bathe.... stink....


Friday, April 14, 2006

rainy day on good friday

todae is good fridae... and it rained e whole dae.. woke up at 11+... aft being scare by my bro.. kekee.. i m so tire... slpt like 2+am yest.. hmmm.. todae.. was suppose to go grand corpthone hotel wif my sis for a swim.. but seems like e weather is telling me to rest.. keke.. anyway, haben decide whether to go a not..

bro n his frenz suppose to go JB.. but ended up playing mahjong outside right now.. cos of e nice nice weather now.. kekee.. realise a lot of ppl go JB todae.. mayb is bcos is a public holidae.. but is so crowded... Dear went KL... aunts n uncles went JB too.. bro suppose to go JB too.. anyway.. eversince i woke up.. i haf been eating some junk food.. keke.. whaha.. n drinking lotsa soft drinks.. duno wad got into me recently.. i dun like drinking soft drinks but i juz headed for it.. so weird..

now i m like to paint color test.. being doin e same panel since 12 till now.. so slow n weak.. but e nice weather is so nice to slack ard.. being walking ard trying to find to do... though i m suppose to do color test.

wondering how's dear.. since is raining so heavily.. i bet JB is gonna be flooding.. dunoe whether he gt train sick a not.. not a nice day for shopping when is raining.. hope he is doin fine over there.. hope he doesnt miss me too much.. whaha.. though i duno how's is he now. kekee. take care dear..

*jamming music*


Haben BloGGing.. buZi buZi..

JSs WoN... CHampIoNs.. yEa.. miss vball match.. chit chat lao shi.. kinda miss her n coach.. duno y.. hmmm.. so mani ting happened ever since i left.. hai..

went for my 1st tutition.. losta ting to teach roseann.. nice n special name.. her exams coming soon.. so i will be teachin her almost everi dae.. to prepare her for exam.. but she gt lots to change man... HopE i can do iT...

Sheila.. nani.. pearlyn came my hse to do proj.. notin much... kinda slack i felt.. lotsa ting to do.. been trying to send em e panels tt i haf scan in but damn slow n lag.. so fed up..
finally is senD now.. gotta do all e color test.. n send to pearlyn so tt she can start painting... aft finshing hers, i duno whether do dey still wan to do e cinderalla story.. if nt, i haf gotta start on my own minor.. no time to waste n my portfolio.. gt a rough idea of wad i wan to do for my web n overall theme le.. e gals left ard 7+..when i had my dinner.. hungry le... after whole dae of work... den blah blah blah.... till nite time..something terrible happened... tt i cried when i slp... duno la.. felt so sad abt everything.. is neither one of em's fault.. but i juz felt so helpless.. so sad... why is tis happening..

anyway, back to TUesday:
went sch for minoR again..stayed till 5+... din do much ting.. i might be more productive if i m at hm... but is okie.. duno why tt dae so tire...

went KBOxing wiF deAr... damn funi.. kekee.. sing quite a lot.. till quite tire.. caught a flu at there.. so cold...

went pearlyn hse to do Proj.. her hse a lot of ancient tinGs.. n she got like 5-8 phONes in her house.. keke.. damn fuNni.. as in telephone.. all those RING RING One.. OH.. n i juz realise she lives same block as wei Jian.. Quite Near.. tink when we was younger.. we play catching might have passby her hse.. whaha.. saw her art work.. OMG so big lor.. reali big piece of canvas painting.. went hm at ard 8.. told 970 wif sheila n nani.. den rch BPP den ate long john.. chit chat till ard 10... den dey left..

and rite now... i m chatting wif angel... nani... n my sis... realise she gt a lot troubles.. hai.. i m so lost... now chatting abt angel future bf.. jia you wor angel.. u can find it one.. gambete.. n jia you for ur portfolio too..

for angel:
a perfect man is not a person wif perfect tings, but a perfect eye looking at the perfect points

dear goin to KL later.. sundae den will come bak.. gonna meet him on sundae morn... goin marina... den esplande.. den kembagan for dinner wif his family... so i guess i will spend todae n tml wisely on everiting i need to do to be done.. hopefully...

where is my determination....