Tuesday, August 28, 2007

i live in e present now..

for the past 45 mins, i was looking thru all my past blogs.
realise how stupid, childish i was in my poly daze..
lucky now no more of that.. i guess each and everyone has their past, and most of it is greatly affected by who u mix with. which is reflected a lot on you.

hai.. just couldnt believe it. but well i tink ever since poly daze, i haf become my own self without being influenced by anyone or anything. being veri lucky since fusion, got a job that starts in april.. and switch to another one in june.. hahaa... but am glad to.. cos is a better one n a place for me to grow and learn.. i m out of poly for like 5 mths? time reali flies..

anyway, was reading this blog entry back then in Oct , which i threw temper.. aft reading it, felt so guilty and sad.. reali rude of me .. back then i was oni 18.. well ignorant & spoilt.. hai.. not anymore!

Friday, August 24, 2007

how much do you believe in horoscope?


this is a site that warren pass to me.
which talk abt the lunar esclispe and how is gonna affect u..

to me, i tink is quite true cos when i recall back some of the happenings, it just telly..

Saturday, August 18, 2007


i am reboot
i am back
i revived
i rekindled

ok wadever.
i am just back.
been busy lately new pics from Vietnam and everywhere will be up soon.
look out for em.