Saturday, September 22, 2007

Wenda got drunk!

Well.. i know the title is kinda bad.. but yah.. wenda went drinking with us.. went to Home den to cafe iguana.. and the peeps are : Jon, Wenda, RQ,Rab, Ee ghim, KC, Ren.. n gary e usuals who are there.. sth is missing.. haha is yau. well still stuck at some island cant help it.. Wenda is pretty upset.. and i duno how to console her.. she must be strong to handle such things and i believe she had met enuff of croaks.. so may she find someone better soon.. Hmm dunoe wad to sae abt tt night.. but is nice that these ppl turn up.. despite so long since we met.. esp Rab.. though nv talk to him much.. lucky jon send wenda hm.. if not i guess i would be e one whose drunk.. hehee thx wenda for there to block..

went bak to Home to meet warren kenny they all.. well warren is in a bad shape.. duno how to talk him thru.. everyone is reali different and how everyone react to a situation shows how he is .. there's no way u can change them..

anyway, had a nice night w em all . thank you for coming. and KC esp.

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