Thursday, September 13, 2007

wad do u wan to do?

i think everyone has got what they wan to do in life.. but i believe everyone will get lazy or too tire to do what they actually wan to do.. and therefore things drag on for months and soon is years.. but i think there are always tings around us that keep on reminding or motivating us towards wad we wan to do.. i think they appear in different forms.. they may appear as a person whom u know, and whenever u meet that person u will start to think abt the things u wan in life n gets v motivated to do it.. or it can come in a form of a feeling.. the feeling of the "need".. e need to wan to do wad u wan in life.. some event or things might happen around u and trigger u to have that feeling of "need".

yah. i tink i need to redefine my life.. wad i reali wan... wake up from the dream.. recently been having this "butterfly" feeling .. is horrible and u duno wad will happen next.. n i kinda developed a self protective feeling which now i seem to be more 看得开, or rather a heck care attitude towards certain things and people.. because i think i m sick of the way things are and no longer wanna care about it.. since is gonna be like that so be it .. is not worth my effort to care anymore..

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