Monday, September 10, 2007

some thoughts

is being some time since i last blog... hmmm quite a few tings happened.. last weekend accompany sis to see gynae, is amazing when u see the progress from a tiny foetus like 1mm to a developing baby of 10inch.. e beating of the heart.. the power of its life.. oh and yes is a girl.. kekee.. well whichever gender i will also dote..

meet up with jun jie, elaine, kelvin his girl, nawawi n his girl n lawrence.. well chris PS .. drown by mooncakes.. kinda feel left out.. cos everyone is couple couple... had dinner at suki sushi which i tink there is a funny smelly smell from tt restaurant.. aft dinner went to alley bar.. but switch to ice cold but due to jj young face we were turn down.. den went to somewhere near redevous.. had a bottle of red wine.. and we head down to MOS.. leaving kel n his gf off.. had a nice night over there.. ohh..

sunday went to watch 1408.. not too bad.. good sound efx.. haha scream a few times.. mayb cos i v long nv watch horror movies.. nice effects..

recently been tinking quite abit.. kinda feel the tension.. rash thoughts keep coming to me.. i dun feel happy at wad i do.. or do i need the time to adjust to it? today found out that sharon is wad i would like to be.. e path that she chose just make me feel more secure and confident of wad i m want.. but u'll never know how it goes.. the higher ur hopes are the greater the disappointment.. there are many things that people do not wish to anticipate or chose not to.. bcos they know that if it reali happen, is gonna hurt em badly.. or rather they will regret for wad they have done.. yah i dun tink i am happy bcos of how i tink and wad i chose to tink.. but i tink there are times to be optimistic & times to be sad .. so i dun like it when ppl tell me to be happi when i wan to be sad.. hope that everything will turn out well.. let's pray..

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